It appears that reflexology has been practiced in diverse cultures for centuries, from China, India, Africa, Egypt, early Europe and by our Native Americans. Reflexology is a method of touch therapy and has been universally acclaimed as a healing art and science. As a preventative care or in response to a physical, emotional and stress related ailment, a reflexology session is an aid to the body towards balance and harmony.

Research has found that Reflexology is well over 5,500 years old and indicates no one culture invented it. 

Today the studies have developed and proven this wonderful therapy using zones (10 zones, 5 on each side of the body). In 1930 Eunice Ingham refined the zone therapy principles in modern day foot reflexology. She observed that congestion or tension in any part of the foot mirrors congestion or tension in a corresponding part of the body.

Therefore skilled application of pressure to specific points on the feet, hands, face and ears can restore balance to the body, which results in an overall improved function of the body's ability to effectively respond to stress and illness.  Reflexology is based on the premise that the reflex points in the hands, feet, face and ears correspond via the nerve pathways of the nervous system, being Western Medicine and/or the meridians, being Eastern Medicine, in every part and organ of the body.
STRESS is known to cause over 80% of all illnesses and Reflexology automatically reduces stress which results in a chemical change to occur that assist the body to return to its natural function. As well, endorphins are released, the nervous systems are relaxed, circulation of blood and lymphatics are restored.

Yvonne Viel

I started my journey with the healing art of Reflexology in 2011 in Vancouver, BC Canada. I studied traditional foot reflexology with the Pacific Institution of Reflexology and with the Universal College of Reflexology. I continued to study advance reflexology techniques, including proven reflexology protocols which follow the principal of achieving balance in the body through its systems being: the digestive, urinary or respiratory systems for elimination; the lymphatic-immune system; and the endocrine system for hormone balancing.

As well, I have attended intense workshops with Lynn Booth from the UK who developed a wonderful style called Vertical Reflexology. This technique is a weight bearing practice in which the receiver is standing and the practitioner is applying light pressure on the top of the feet or hands.

Chris Stormer from South Africa who has a unique and profound method of reading the feet.

Karen Ball who developed a protocol to assist in alleviating chronic foot pain.

I have a deep passion for reflexology and wish to bring forward the benefits and rewards of this delightful discipline to everyone young and elderly. 

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