​Traditional and European foot and hand reflexology as well as standing Vertical Reflexology (VRT) on the feet and hands.

Quantum Facial and ear reflexology to quiet the nervous system and improves circulation. Reflexology  promotes calmness, balances hormones, relieves neck and back pain, improves immune system so you are stronger.

   Foot Reflexology

1:00pm - 7:00pm Monday-Thursday

9:00am - 5:00pm Friday 



Reflexology is science based on the artful application of gentle on/off pressure on reflex areas of the hands, feet and ears relating to the different organs, glands and parts of the body. A session assist the body to achieve improved circulation, clear toxins and calm the nerves.

Hand Reflexology

Quantum Facial

Foot, Hand, Ear Reflexology Sessions in Yaletown Vancouver

Reflexology in Yaletown Vancouver

YV Reflexology

225 -  1118 Homer Street

Vancouver BC Canada

Classic Yaletown Vancouver Facility

​A private quiet room to unwind, put your feet up, make yourself comfortable. Allow calmness to embrace your body and mind so you can be the best YOU possible.

    Ear Reflexology

                    Busy times!

How are you holding up?

Experiencing allergies?Sleeplessness? Indigestion? Fatigue? Back, Neck or Shoulder Pains? Having trouble concentrating? Or just Stressed Out!Reflexology assist the body to reset, balance and strengthen so that you can function well. YV Reflexology uses proven reflexology protocols so that you will experience a positive, pain-free treatment.

Call to schedule your weekly/bi-monthly/monthly tuneup of hand or foot reflexology. Or a Quantum Facial to de-stress and make your day flow with a peaceful energy.

Only have 15 minutes! Come in for a Vertical Foot or Hand VRT session. Your hands and feet will love you.

On a lunch break and looking for a pick-me-up! Schedule a mini-session or combo of Quantum Facial and hand reflexology session.

Have 45 minutes to pamper yourself! Schedule a full Foot Reflexology session.

Take a full hour! Enjoy a peaceful, balancing and strengthening session.

Customized to meet your needs.

Your body and mind will reward you with peaceful balance.